Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

(Okay, so the song doesn't match the sport, but it's the first thing that came to mind.)

We had a great "father-son" outing Sunday afternoon. Cowboy was given tickets to the Houston Texans vs Detroit Lions football game, and he generously allowed me to go with him. (Sometimes being the family chauffeur has its benefits.)

We headed out shortly after church, arriving a couple of hours before kickoff time. We had also been given tickets to a pregame party sponsored by Churrascos Restaurant, and we were both ready to eat!

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The party was like a massive tailgate party jacked up on mega-steroids, and with air conditioning thrown in for good measure. Catered Latin American cuisine, Texas barbecue, a whole row of make-it-while-you-wait omelet stands, and almost more food than you can imagine. I sampled a little of just about everything available, but Cowboy focused in on two key spots: the fruit stand and the dessert table!

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Besides the food, it was definitely a happening party. There was a DJ filling the place with plenty of great tunes, numerous big screen TVs positioned strategically to enable everyone present to watch the Cowboys' painful outing in St. Louis, a raucous and romping visit by the "pep band," and places to get autographs of and pictures with both former players and several Texans cheerleaders. (I tried to get Cowboy to pose for a picture with the cheerleaders, but he wasn't having anything to do with that. Ah, well, I'm not ready for those raging hormones to kick in just yet. I'm rather glad he's still in that innocent "girls are gross" stage for now.)

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After we had sufficiently stuffed our gullets, Cowboy and I trekked on over to the stadium to find our seats. The weather was good, sunny but plenty cool, so the roof was open. The Texas kicked it into gear from the very first drive, and by half time we were ahead 21-3. We had a blast!

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Of course, the Lions came roaring back in the second half, but the hometown heroes managed to hang on and win the game. And as usual, we celebrated the win with the best part about going to Reliant Stadium: rolling down the giant hill on the way to the parking lot!

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All in all, a wonderful time. Thanks for the tickets, Scott!

[You can click here to see a few more pictures from our football outing.]

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Susan said...

I watched for you on TV!! It looks like you boys had a blast.