Friday, February 6, 2009

SkyWatch Friday #30

No matter what ol' Punxatawney Phil has to say, the prairie dawgs here in Texas have declared that Spring is just around the corner. And judging from the crisp mornings, warm afternoons and radiant blue skies we've been having all week, it's going to be a whopper of a season!

Enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having all week, I couldn't help but hear the nasally, twangy voice of Willie Nelson celebrating with me:

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Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies do I see

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Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds all day long

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Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're in love, my how they fly

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Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on

Here's wishing you blue skies and bluebirds for the foreseeable future!

For more intriguing images of the skies above our world, check out the SkyWatch Friday home page.

SkyWatch Friday


Judy said...

Even if you don't like ol' Willie, you have illustrated the verse spendidly!

Kallen305 said...

Wonderful photos! I love the blue bird picture! I miss them so much here in the North.

Mary said...

I always loved that song, but its Bing Crosby that I hear singing it in my mind :-) Love your blue skies and can't wait for more of them here.

Babooshka said...

That bluebird is totally adorable

Kyle said...

Thanks, y'all! To be perfectly honest, I usually hear either Bing or Burl Ives when that song plays in my head. But with the longhorns playing so prominently in the first pic, ol' Willie just seemed a lot more relevant.

Bevson said...

I was totally hearing Willie in my head singing that song. Thanks. I hope it sticks with me all day.