Saturday, February 21, 2009

100th Post ... and I Missed It!

I noticed yesterday that brothers Rob and Eric Ripma, perhaps better known as the Nutty Birders, were celebrating their 100th blog post. So I got to wondering how far I was from that same milestone.

And do you know what? I already hit it! Earlier this week, in fact. My 100th mind-wandering post was Monday's Red-headed Woodpecker entry to the Bird Photography Weekly meme.

And I missed it!

I guess that'll teach me to let my mind wander like that.


Susan said...

Who knew?! I've enjoyed every single one, my dear brother.

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, Happy 100, then!

(I think I missed mine too, when it happened...I wonder how many I have done? *Off to check....)

Kyle said...

Susan & Susan - Thanks to both of you for reading along! It's been a fun 100, and it doesn't seem like I've been doing this since August. Hopefully the idiocy will continue for a long time to come.

(Sister) Susan - Sorry we didn't call last night. We intended to, but Tiff and the kids had a marathon chat w/ Aunt Frances that didn't finish until dinner was on the table, and then the night-before-school routines kicked in and alluva sudden it was too late once again. Are you over the crud and feeling better? And how did the exams go?