Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reflections of a Friend

Meet Crockett — as in Davy and his Coon-skin cap — one of the more furry members of our family.

Reflections of Crockett

It's just a Maine Coon kind of day.



What a great shot of a beautiful and playfull cat! Love the reflections!

Susan Gets Native said...

I had a cat once that I swore was part Maine Coon (he was 17 pounds and NOT fat). How big is Crockett?

Kyle said...

Thanks, Val!

Susan- Crockett is about 14 lbs right now (I think), but not yet full grown. Our other Maine Coon is about 3-4 pounds heavier than that, and not fat (but definitely solid!). They will be 2 yrs old in the summer, and MCs don't reach full size until around 3, so...

Good signs to identify Maine Coons are (1) the pointed tufts on the ends of the ears, (2) the "M" markings over the eyes (I just learned that one), and much longer fur on the collar, breeches and tail than the rest of the body. And they love to meerkat (stand still on hind legs) when interest is peeked.

Wonderful pets if you don't mind small-dog-sized felines, but normally not lapcats.

Bevson said...

Gorgeous kitty. I didn't realize you had a cat. I have 4 furry faces at my house.

Kyle said...

Bev- Yup, we actually have two Maine Coons. We've had cats since we were married, I've had them (among other various furred creatures) since I was a kid. Just part of the family, y'know?