Monday, September 8, 2008

Misty Monday Morning

We got a nice break from the humidity over the weekend, but the mugginess was back full force when we walked out the door this morning. The fields and creeks all had a layer of mist hanging over them as the sun crept over the horizon to start a new work week.

We had a pretty normal, busy weekend. WW had to go in to work for a bit after church Sunday, but was back in time to comfort us on our return from the Grocery Store from Hell.

The kids and I decided to try out the new warehouse-sized H-E-B grocery superstore on Sunday, and we quickly determined we would never be going back there again. They had a special offer on items that include Box Tops (a program to help raise money for schools). To make a long story short, it would have been better in the long run to just donate the money from our checkbook directly to the school. The place was absolutely packed with frustrated shoppers, the aisles were too narrow, the placement and grouping of products seemed to have no logic or intelligent design, and fully 90% of the advertised sale items were sold out. I asked one clerk about it and was informed you often have to get there within two days of the sale sheets being circulated in order to get most sale items. Bad management! Bad, bad management! (Said with rolled-up newspaper in hand...)

I got a call from Mom's care provider today saying that Mom's fingertips all seem numb this morning. Mom has also lost about 4 pounds just since last week, so they have made a doctor appointment for Thursday morning. We had noticed that Mom hasn't been going through her groceries as quickly as normal lately, and are afraid she has been forgetting to eat again. I've been trying to talk to her a couple of times each day, checking to see if she has eaten or reminding/nagging her to get something to eat as we talk. The care provider has also gotten Mom to start jotting down a note each time she eats and each time she takes her medicines, to see if that will help both her and us to track it better. We'll see how things go this week and see what the doctor says on Thursday. I may soon need to start visiting once per week instead of just every other weekend.

That's the weekly family review from here. I hope you've all had a good weekend!

UPDATE: I left work right after saving this post on Monday, and didn't realize until Tuesday morning that it hadn't published to the site. Ah, well, Monday's must be Mondays.

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