Monday, September 29, 2008

Career Day

This is Homecoming week for the high school and junior high, so the kids' elementary school decided to celebrate by having special "daily theme" dress-up days all week. We decided to allow each of the kids to pick one costume to purchase for the week, with the stipulation that this costume would also be used for Halloween next month.

Today is Career Day, on which all the students were asked to come in the uniform or dress of a career in which they are interested. Cowboy was bound and determined to dress as a police officer. ("With handcuffs!" said he.) So we ran around to several stores on Saturday until we finally found a really good policeman costume (complete with hat, whistle, cuffs and an empty holster) for a pretty decent price.

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Meet "Officer Cowboy." He was pretty bummed that we wouldn't allow him to take the handcuffs to school, but he got over it. I have to admit he makes a pretty handsome officer, naturally standing at attention like a good cadet.

Cat got a little more creative with her Career Day outfit. She had a little trouble making up her mind at first. We looked at scrubs until she decided against going as a doctor or nurse. She considered a few other options as well. But when we got to the costume store, she spotted a (toddler-sized) zookeeper's outfit, and her idea was hatched!

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Here is "Safari Guide" Cat. She borrowed her mom's hiking vest, a plastic toy pith helmet from her brother, and an old army surplus belt and canteen from my camping gear. Add a baby gorilla from the toy bin and a "Houston Zoo / Safari Guide" nametag that I whipped up on the computer, and she was ready to head for the savannah.

We were all suffering from bad allergies over the weekend, and by yesterday Cowboy's asthma kicked in full force. But he was feeling well enough to go on to school this morning, and to have a little fun with big sis while they waited for lunches to be made.

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I don't remember what tomorrow's theme is, but there were a whole lot of giggles coming from their rooms yesterday as the kids and WW worked on getting all their outfits ready for the week. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more good pictures to document the entire week!


me ann my camera said...

These are wonderful family pictures and I think it is so much fun, and wonderful for a family to all share in the school activities that are their kids are involved in. Great costumes and great ideas. Thank you for having visited my blog.

Kathleen said...

My, what a handsome officer Cowboy makes. And as for Cat, she looks like she is ready to make some of that 'Elephant Poo' paper we saw at the zoo last year!

I like the new format!