Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changes and Updates

For family and other frequent visitors, don't touch that dial! You're in the right place, I've just made a couple of changes to the blog layout and template. Let me know what you think.

Just a quick update for now. The kids are BACK IN SCHOOL! (We all did a happy dance around the kitchen when we got the phone call that the power was back on and classes would be resuming today.) WW had to report back to work on Monday, so I've been working from home and playing "Mr. Mom" for the past few days. We've had fun being together over the past two weeks, but I think we were all ready to get back to the regular routines.

So I'm back in the office today for the first time in two weeks, and I can't believe all the stuff that was piled on my desk waiting my return. Didn't the rest of the world stop functioning while we were all recovering from the storm?!?

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