Friday, August 29, 2008

Plans for the Long Weekend

Actually, we don't have any really big plans this weekend, other than to enjoy the extra day and to prepare for Hurricane Gustav ... just in case!

Cat is spending the night with a friend from school tonight, so Cowboy will probably get to pick something special for dinner. And we'll probably end up playing "Goldfish" (Go Fish) until an hour or so past normal bedtime.

Cowboy's asthma started up again on Wednesday, so he and I haven't had nearly enough sleep the past couple of nights. I'm hoping we'll get to sleep in a little in the morning before we get up and start into Saturday cartoons and chores. No big plans for after church on Sunday, although we may try to find a park or someplace to do some walking and burn off a little energy if the weather holds (and everyone is feeling up to it).

Labor Day we'll either head over to spend some time with Mom, or go pick her up and bring her to our house if Gustav decides to come a'visiting. We saved Mom some homemade ice cream from last weekend. If we have to pack her up for a few days due to an approaching storm, I'm planning on using that as bait!

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