Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cat 'n Cowboy Go Texan

While reorganizing some older photos on the PC at home, I ran across this one from earlier in the year, and I just had to share it. Every year in February (usually corresponding with the kick-off of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo), we celebrate a thing known locally as "Go Texas Day." The schools encourage the kids to dress "western," the lunchrooms all serve barbecue, and even city slickers pretend for a day that we're all just a bunch of cowboys down here in Texas.

Go Texas Day, 2008
The fun part is that the kids always try to get me to "go cowboy" with them. And since I can get away with it (I wear jeans to work every day already, and during the winter often wear my boots at least half the time), I'm happy to oblige. WW snapped this quick before-school shot of us in our "Go Texas" garb this year... right before Cat and Cowboy convinced me to change into my Texas flag shirt (to match them).

Cowboy's exultant response after I changed: "Look, we're all three twins now!" Heh.

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