Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A River Runs Down It

Rocky Mountain National Park

Once we got inside the park, our first stop was for a nice picnic lunch with the birds. Next stop, however, was to do a little climbing to see this glorious sight:

Flowing down the mountainside Tumbling down the mountainside

A little closer look

With my knee problems, I quickly decided that I would be the one to stay down low and take pictures. Cat and her Aunt Susan got a little more adventurous, climbing up the rocks that bordered the swift-moving flow.

Rock climbing at the falls

Of course, if the girls were going to do a little climbing, then Cowboy and Uncle Jason were going to have to work to show them up. This shot is taken from the same vantage point and at the same resolution as the one above. See those two little blue forms in the middle of the picture that appear to be waving?

A little perspective

Eventually, they all came back down, and my sister even enticed me to get out from behind the camera for a change, if just to prove that I really was on the trip. Then it was time to pile back in the car and head farther up into the mountains.

The windblown look

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srp said...

The force of nature is so awe inspiring.... beautiful shots.

Kelly said...

...absolutely gorgeous.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Such stunning scenery.
Wonderful family memories too!

Steve Ingraham said...

Another great set of RMNP images. Makes want to be there.