Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cowboy!

I just got back from having lunch at the school with Cowboy and 49 other screaming second graders. Those teachers will probably hate me forever for introducing sugar into their maniacal little bloodstreams with half a day of school still to go, but you just can't beat the feeling of delivering a sheet-cake-sized birthday cookie to a lunchroom full of seven- and eight-year-olds. You'd think I was Superman or something!

I'll post more after the weekend birthday celebrations have taken place ... assuming we all survive the experience. For now, I'll just post this nice shot I got at the rodeo a couple of weeks ago:

Cowboy - 3/14/2009

Happy Birthday, Cowboy!


Lynne said...

He is a handsome cowboy.
Happy birthday!

Pam Jensen said...

He is so cute. Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!
Love, Pam

Tess said...

He is a handsome young man. Beautiful shot. Happy birthday!

Bengbeng said...

Happy birthday to the handsome little cowboy :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

That's a really great shot. Happy Birthday to the little cowboy. I wouldn't have minded a piece of that cake too. :-)