Sunday, January 30, 2011

Signs of Spring: Yellow-Rumped Warblers

I'm beginning to see more and more of these little fellows all over town. We must be getting closer to spring.

Yellow-rumped Warbler - 4/16/2010

Yellow-rumped Warbler - 4/16/2010
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata)

Taken last spring at the Smith Oaks sanctuary in High Island, Texas.

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Martha Z said...

I had a few in my yard, it is looking like spring in my part of the world.

Mike B. said...

Great shots- I'm yet to see one of these.

mick said...

Great photos. I especially like the first one with the bird on the branch of the tree and the soft background.

Larry said...

Great shots of the Yellow-rumped Warbler Kyle. Nice bokeh.

We have the "Audubon's" subspecies here and I have been seeing them around a lot too.

Halcyon said...

A cute little guy. I've never seen any around here.

Kyle said...

Thanks, gang!

dAwN said...

Beautiful shots..I love love the last one!