Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Willet Stay or Willet Go?

On a recent excursion down in the direction of the coastline, I made a swing by Bryan Beach (near Quintana) to see what shorebirds were out and about enjoying the summer heat. Somewhat to my surprise, there were almost none to be found.

Willet - 5/29/2009
Willet (Catoptrophorus semipalmatus)

Only this one lone Willet was wandering around the shallow pools behind the dunes, searching in vain for some small midday snack. He was a bird on the move, running or flying from one pool to the next.

Willet - 5/29/2009

Unfortunately (for me), it wasn't long before he gave up and shook the sand from his feet, winging it off to find some more lavish locale.

Willet - 5/29/2009

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forestal said...

Nice shots, love the inflight pic- i never get good pictures of inflight birds, i guess i am too slow


gwendolen said...

LOL @ the title. Love your photos. The second one is beautiful.

Bob and Cynthia Kaufman said...

So sorry you missed a lot of shorebirds. You got a consolation and a beautiful shot of a Willet, though.

Texas Travelers said...

Nice photos of the Willet.

Thanks for the visit.
Yup ! Red Saddlebag.


mick said...

Nice photos. The second one is especially good and I really like the way you have frozen even the water. Willets are one shorebird that don't migrate down this way.

Texas Travelers said...

I just updated the mystery post and gave you a shoutout for the correct answer.
You commented on the mystery #1,
for my new WordPress Nature Blog.
'I C U Nature' for Nature Only!
The answer with photos is available.

Click here to see the Answer.

Come visit and tell me what you think,

Kelly said...

Beautiful photos....love the water dripping off his foot on the second shot. He seems to have a very determined gate there. Also love the flight photo...

Larry Jordan said...

Beautiful captures of the Willet Kyle! It seems to be that time of year when there aren't many birds around. I think the heat around here is keeping them out of sight.

I think you answered your own question though, it appears from the in-flight photo that the Willet, went ;-)

dAwN said...

Flight shots are difficult for me.
Nice shots!